MN State Fair Bunny Disapproval

We visted the Bunny Barn at the Minnesota State Fair today and there was a whole lotta disapproval goin' on.

"I don't approve of how bored life has made me."

"I disapprove of only being admired for my overwhelming cuteness. I gotta brain too, y'know."

"I disapprove of being compared to an Ewok."

"I don't approve. Period."

"I disapprove of the Oedipus complex."

"I don't approve of your assertion that I resemble Winston Churchill."

"I don't approve of how this place smells."

"I disapprove of your need for my approval."

"I disapprove of being told I look like Cinnamon."

"I don't have time to disapprove of you."

What does Cinnamon have to say?

"I think I'm too overwhelmed with pride in my species to disapprove of you going out and looking at other bunnies."