Quick Update

Even though NBB has been doing a most capable job, I have to take a quick moment to share these photos from Game Fair. I'm right across from a booth that sells puppies called Jorgenson Kennels. When not talking binoculars, I get to watch puppy antics!

This one looks like it's part Groucho Marx.

This puppy was chock full of mischief. Here it's chewing on a chair that some guns are leaning on.

Here is another naughty black lab chewing on some birdhouses an unsuspecting person left near their booth. This particular puppy also chewed on its tent and some purses some teenage girls left on the ground.

All that chewing tuckered the poor thing out. Awwwwwwwwwww. All the puppy action has peaked NBB's interest. He offered to come work the booth with me next weekend. And by work he means running around and playing with all the puppies. Yeah, Cinnamon's gonna love that.

I have to give a big shout out to the Minnesota Falconer's Association! I'm friends with Master Falconer Frank Taylor and his lovely wife Trudy was so kind to come over and sit in my booth and watch the binoculars while I used the restroom. Frank even let me come inside the ropes where the birds were perched and I was surrounded by a sharp-shinned hawk, a goshawk, a red-tailed hawk, a Harris hawk and a ferruginous hawk (above). I didn't know anyone in Minnesota hunted with a ferrug, I've read that they can be a handful.