"Swan Lady" warned to stop feeding birds

Hello, everyone. This is Sharon's husband. While Sharon's off at Gamefair this weekend, the plan was for me to be providing you with fun and fascinating updates.

However, Sharon insisted I put up things related to birdwatching instead. Alas.

So, here we go.

Stop feeding birds, swan lady warned

THE 'swan lady' of Ware has been ordered to stop feeding her beloved wild birds, as an animal warden believes the £50 worth of seed she spreads every week is attracting rats

Louise Bathe has been feeding them twice daily for the past 10 years.

Despite being unemployed, she uses her savings to buy 55lb (25kg) sacks of feed each week to give to birds every morning and evening.

But now she has been ordered to stop — and fears that sparrows will die without the food.

Louise, who drives a Land Rover Discovery with 'Swan Patrol' on the spare wheel cover, warned: "A lot of towns no longer have sparrows. Now I can't feed them they could disappear from Ware."

There's a story for you; sparrows leave an area because one woman isn't feeding them.