Bunny Naughtiness and a Gull

I know Cinnamon has this rep as the conservative disapproving rabbit, but she is after all only a lagomorph and therefore not the brightest bulb on the tree. Case in point:

Sitting on the lid of a container of bird seed that she wants to open. It took a good ten minutes for her to finally give up. Sigh. On top of that, she keeps tripping all the "cruelty free" mouse traps around the apartment (I have to use those so a certain bunny butthead doesn't get caught in any of the other kinds: no poisons, no snap traps--bunny nose and ears are a big risk, no sticky traps--I've never cared for those anyway, not to mention I don't want to deal with a sticky disapproving rabbit).

I wonder if the mice are bribing her?

"I disapprove of my naughty behavior being displayed to all my fans on the internet!"

We had a ring-billed gull dropped off at The Raptor Center today. TRC doesn't generally take non raptors but the person who dropped the gull off thought that the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was still right across the street from us. Someone at TRC took the gull over at the end of her clinic shift.

You will note in the above photo that there is a hook sticking out the side of the bill. Here is the lure that was attached to that hook:

That is my hand next to the lure for a size comparison. The gull has not eaten since it had this blocking its mouth. It looked like someone snipped off the lure and placed a can of cat food in the crate with the gull. Though well intentioned, it's never a good idea to feed an injured bird or animal. Number one, they may need surgery and the stomach should be empty and number two as in the case with the gull, it thrashed around so much it was now covered with cat food that will at some point have to be cleaned off its feathers.

Hopefully the gull will be okay and it has an excellent chance at the WRC.