Cinnamon vs Annie’s

"Hey, what's in this box? It smells kind of interesting. Is this for me?"

"It's from Annie's? Harumph, I don't approve of that, they have that cartoon rabbit they claim approves all their stuff. I doubt that rabbit has been certified!"

"What is all this stuff? You're not gonna eat it are you? What, are you mad? I don't care how good it smells you must not eat this, I don't approve!"

"Now listen to me, I said stay away from this. This is not good, they are just bribing you. Hands off! I disapprove! (crunch crunch) Oh my! Well now, this is crunchy."

"Hey, this isn't bad (crunch crunch). Let me double check it and make sure how I feel about it (crunch crunch).

"I can't quite reach the food inside, let me get back on the big box to get at all this crunchy goodness!"

"Let me try and shake the box..."

Birdchick Note: Cinnamon lifted the box off the floor several times and tried to flip it to get the Bunny Grahams out. I haven't seen her like this since the time I hid her mineral block. So, does Cinnamon actually approve of Annie's? She would not commit but I did catch the photo below...could this be the first documentation of bunny approval?

Blurry, I know, but intriguing...