Final Day at the Fair

Well, it's time for the Great Minnesota Get Together (aka State Fair) to wrap up. If you didn't go, you missed such textile wonders as the sock monkey dress featured here and for the more daring here. Yo, WildBird on the Fly, I dare you to wear that second one with your latest footwear purchase!

Did I mention to the readers who do not live here that we have a princess for the State Fair? That's right and we call her Princess Kay of the Milky Way and the big fair tradition is that she gets her likeness carved in butter. Yes, I said butter.

This morning I went to do my segment for Showcase Minnesota and I just don't know why I even bother to wear white. I am just not they type of person who had a white shirt lifestyle. We got to the fair grounds well before my scheduled call time so Non Birding Bill and I meandered and got him some mini donuts and me some good sturdy coffee. We also stopped by the fm107 booth to grab one of their shirts--they had really cute pink ones--in girl sizes no less. Little did I know how grateful I would be for that purchase a little later!

We headed back and took our assigned seat in the audience. Once people realized I was the "bird lady" I was getting questions from all sides. NBB tried to act as my handler and kept saying--hold those questions for the segment so she has something to talk about--as if I could ever run out of things to talk about you silly boy. We shot a tease of me waving in the audience.

If you look on the left you can see NBB holding up the camera to get this shot of me on one of the monitors. Note, I am wearing a white shirt. Right before my segment I wandered towards the stage and someone pointed to my chest and asked if I was lactating. I looked down--big ole honkin' coffee spot right on the chest! I scrambled in my bag in the fm107 shirt and dashed behind the stage. There were several people waiting for their segments there and I threw modesty to the wind along with my soiled white shirt. Grateful I was wearing one of my prettier bras I quickly changed into the fm107 shirt and high tailed it out for the segment.

I was kind of all over the place as I was watching the cameras. Normally, the stage manager waves his hand towards the camera you are supposed to watch but there were waving hands everywhere as people wanted their questions answered and I got a tad confused. Got some great questions--how are bird populations in Minnesota, how much does a hawk need to eat in a day, what do I think about having a bird as a pet.

Afterwards, NBB and I unwound by taking another stroll through the chicken barn...just in time for the rooster crowing contest. Lucky us!

A rather magnificent fellow.

Yeah, I think that one just speaks for itself.

Yeah, um, again I think this one just speaks for itself as well.

Here's another demon chicken--complete with requisite devil horns. He may not have won the crowing contest but he did win the stare down with me.