Hawk Weekend So Far

Hawk Ridge: Every autumn come to Duluth, MN to experience thousands of hawks flying over. Live the thrill of goshawks and the agony of harriers!

Not so much today. When I arrived at Hawk Ridge for the big Hawk Weekend I found what should have been a road full of cars to actually be void of people and hawks. The naturalists had some programs planned but they don't have any indoor seating up there so everyone was directed to go to Hartley Nature Center which I have never visited before. Hartley was kind enough to let me set up a table there. Awesome place! Last week they had an albino phoebe. I will make sure to check this place out again in better weather.

Birderblog was hard at work multi-tasking:

Look at her go autographing books, handling a bird, working the crowd--all while sporting a cute new hairdo!

My table was next to a very flirty snapping turtle. I've never met such a charismatic herp.

"Love me, please! Don't say you don't want to, you know it isn't true."

Hartley is a very wonderful nature center...although, a little chilly.

Okay, tomorrow is supposed to be northwest winds so that post should be chock full of excitement and hawks and other various sundry birds and not turtles for blog fodder.