Larry Saves The Day

You guys are the best, you're my think tank coming up with great suggestions and chuckles and even temporary solutions. Presently, the photos in the blog are brought to you by Larry Sirvio who offered to let me borrow an extra camera that he is not using. Apparently, he says that the blog is in serious trouble if I'm cranky. Thank you, Larry, for helping me keep the photos in the blog and sparing the readers from my "art" work. Yes, without Larry I wouldn't have been able to bring you breath taking photos like this:

Yikes! This cardinal is still a bit scary looking and seems kind of angry. It's a young of the year bird still growing into his adult plumage. I didn't find out if it was the same male that was banded earlier this summer. Should have paid closer attention.

Okay, after a scary cardinal, we need something cute. So, how about this:

"With a simple cock of my head, my cuteness renders you powerless against me."

Any guesses as to this warbler? It's in fall plumage. Here are a couple of other angles:

Here's a profile shot. First correct answer and answer in the comment section wins a lens pen.

"I am proud to be part of this blog."