My Artistic Process

For some odd reason certain readers of this blog seem to be gluttons for punishment and like my oddball drawings. So, I'm going to take a cue from the great Zickefoose and go through MY artistic process:

First, we start with a blank canvass, full of possibility! What will the muse guide me to do (oh, how I hope that muse is Kira).

There it is, the first hint of an idea, a message, a voice from the great beyond guiding this deep emotion onto the paper!

Now, it becomes clear. You may not be able to tell, but I can see that this is the outline of a rabbit.

This is the really, really tricky part. You have to get the mouth just right, you must make sure to have the "Y" upside down and not rightside up.

Once you have the mouth in place, you have to carefully get the eyes in. The eyes are the window to the soul and I must make sure to convey what this bunny is trying to say.

Now, at first glance it looks like this bunny is complete, but there is one small detail that will really make it come to life:

There, now it's complete! Wow, that was a harrowing 4 minutes. You know, I don't know why it takes Julie so long to get her paintings done. It only took me a few minutes for this masterpiece.

Seriously, I do have some "art" to do tonight. I have a bird house that I am supposed to paint. A charity for homeless people asked some local celebrities (can I say how weird it is to be considered a "local celebrity"--it's very weird, but cool because sometimes I get free drinks).

My original plan was to have commentors guide me through the process, but that got put the wayside with recent events (ie, I forgot). So, I'm going to paint it tonight (and I may add this bluebird I stuck in hole for fun). If anyone does have any last minutes suggestions, let me know. I have to have this ready to go by 1:30pm tomorrow.