Traveling With The Pets

Reading the Zickefoose saga about being booted due to Chet reminds me of a problem I encountered with Cinnamon in the last few months. The hotel chain I had a problem with has always been great, but I got the butt end of a doofus manager so I don't want to blame the chain for this one incompetent employee.

I generally prefer this chain because they allow pets. Some locations require notification of said pet, but most just waive past without a care to a rabbit. When I checked into this location with Cinnamon, I didn't see sign requesting a that pets be registered and made a point of walking through the lobby with Cinnamon's carrier for the staff to let me know if I should register her.

On my second day at the hotel, I came back to the room after a long day in the field and at the booth to find a letter taped to my door with my name and contact information and a stern note alerting me house keeping was in my room and discovered that I was hiding a pet in my room and they were on to me and that I would be expected to pay a fine for this. I was reprimanded for trying to hide my pet and risking spreading allergens to other guests. Also, I would of course be expect to pay for any damages Cinnamon should incur to the room.

Okay, let's set the record straight. Here was my bed in the hotel room:

Can you see a bed under that mess?

Here was Cinnamon's area:
You will note the green towel. I bring my own towel for the bunny so that way the hotel staff doesn't even have to put one of their own towels in the washer and dryer.

Here was the bathroom in the hotel in question:

Coffee, bird publications, various hair products, towels, etc...Here's Cinnamon's area:

You will note some towels and socks on the floor behind Cinnamon, those are mine as well.

"I disapprove of being blamed for Sharon's general slobbishness!"

I was angry for several reasons: 1. the hotel allowed pets, there was no sign that read she had to be registered and I went through the lobby with her, so staff had ample chances to say, "Yo, register your varmit!" 2. my name and contact info was on the note that was taped on the door for anyone passing by to read--this may be overly paranoid, but at the time I was traveling with several thousand dollars worth of optics and I do lead a somewhat public life and it is possible that someone might try to break into my room 3. I had put the Do Not Disturb sign on my door and for some reason housekeeping came in 4. The manager left an unreadable signature and no printed name so I had no idea who to talk to.

I was livid. I waited ten minutes to calm down and called the front desk. When the attendant answered I asked for the manager. She said he wasn't in. When I asked when he would be in, she answered, "Whenever he feels like it." That did not bode well.

I decided to google the corporate headquarters for their contact info and speak to them--they were very friendly and helpful when I explained my irritation with the staff. They understood and said they would deal with it right away. Incidentally, if you are worried about items in your room, always ask for a safe in your room, that way you are not responsible if housekeeping steals your stuff, otherwise the hotel is not liable. I have had stuff stolen out of a hotel by housekeeping. Years ago when I worked for a children's theater company and we were on the road, and I had my birth control pills and binoculars stolen out of my room (I wonder what kind of party they were planning with that combo). That hotel said they were not responsible.

The next day when I came back to the room there was an apology note from the manager and a present for Cinnamon of salt and mineral blocks. I did chuckle when I was checking out of the hotel that there was now a HUGE neon sign at the front desk reading: "Please Register all Pets!"