Warblers in the Hood

I have no idea what bug hit me in Duluth but now that my GI tract has finally settled, I have a such a stuffy head. Oh well, at least now that I'm free lance writing I can work from home in my pjs.

There were literally hundreds of warblers in the trees this morning--so many butter butts making their "kissing" chip noise that it sounded like quite the lovefest was going on. I grabbed my binos, a big cup of coffee, opened the screen and took them in.

You may not be able to tell from this photo but there tons of warblers in this photo above--they just match the trees so well. They were way to fast to try an photograph, but I did try:

Here's a blurry Nashville warbler...

...and a blurry Tennessee warbler. Look at how much that little dude blends with the leaves. There were tons of yellow-rumps and palm warblers and a couple of vireos.

After I warblered out, I got to work on the City Bird/Country Bird book. We're still in the process of adding photos, so if you sent some, I can't give an answer yet on whether or not your photo has been used. I will have the answer when we go to print and I will contact you via email. Right now we are in the process of adding Apartment Tips and captions. Cinnamon says I need to add bunny tips but they are just ways of feeding bird seed to your pet rabbit.