Binoculars Fan is SPAM!

"I disapprove of Binoculars Fan!"

And that's not in the good way.

Yesterday I was checking Birding is Not a Crime!!!! and noticed that they got spammed by some troller called Binoculars Fan. Now, I'm certainly not opposed to people being paid to write a blog--it's fantastic and fun work if you can get it and there are people out there who are doing it very well. What I am opposed to is someone keeping a paid blog that is as boring as it gets and is nothing but blatant sales pitches and then have that identity start making comments on bird related blogs that are just sales calls and not actual comments. It's an insult to the readers. Not only has this company not taken the time to research the birding industry but they haven't even researched the blogs that are paid by optic websites and doing a much better job than Binoculars Fan.

Binocular's Fan posted to this blog today and was deleted with relish.