Bunny Mischief and Juncos

And now a break from all the hawk photos.

The winds were so high at Carpenter Nature Center today that we couldn't put the nets up for songbird banding, they just would have blown down. But we did put out some potter traps for sparrows and juncos and boy did we get the juncos!

Here is a female dark-eyed junco which to me looks like a female Oregon form.

Here's an up close shot so we can see the texturing of the feathers. Gorgeous little birds! It was slow, so to keep amused we took out the new program bunny they have at Carpenter. Rumor has it that the rabbit's full name from the breeder was Razzle Cheese but everyone at Carpenter insists on calling him Razzle. What, Razzle Cheese isn't butch enough for a little male bunny? The rabbit is a rex like Cinnamon, but is a mini-rex and much smaller than the disapproving one. In fact, this bunny is so small...

...you can fit the whole bunny in a Jack O'lantern! You may recognize Leo, the young lad petting Mr. Razzle Cheese. He was featured in an earlier post about Hawk Ridge. We should keep an eye on young Leo. His is part of the future of birding.

On the way out of Carpenter, I passed a flock of six turkeys. Hey, Larry, I think you were in front of me, did you notice them too?