Cold Weather Effect on Birds

Yesterday when the temperatures really started to dip, the education birds at the Raptor Center were really feeling it. I was feeding one of the peregrines who is in general a very good eater, but yesterday she ate hard and fast. She even picked every tiny red mushy crumb that was left on my glove.

When I was putting her back out, I saw a house sparrow fly into the golden eagle mew. The eagle was sitting on her pedestal perch and there were a few pieces of rat just under the perch. The house sparrow flew over and started pecking off bits of rat to eat. The eagle didn't seem to mind a bit and sparrow looked to be savoring the raw rat. Mmmmm, protein.

I don't think I've put in a job update. I still have the coolest job on the planet! Thanks to the advice of friends and the support of NBB I am freelancing full time. I can't believe how well it's working. I can officially call myself a writer now--which is SO weird because I loathed it in high school and college and I need lots of editing. Boy, I can still remember being in Mrs. Strange's freshman writing class and thinking "How can someone make a living doing this without killing themselves?"

I'm not just writing, I'm doing some consulting which is sending me to Alabama next week and to Cape May Autumn Weekend at the end of the month--whoot. I've never been to Cape May and am so excited to go--plus I get see some of my peeps like WildBird on the Fly. Another fun project I just landed is that I will be guest hosting Showcase Minnesota on Monday. Normally, I am a guest but one of the hosts is taking the day off and I get to fill in for him. I'm so excited and a tad nervous, I've watched the teleprompter but I've never read it out loud on air before. Plus, I'll be wearing an ear piece that will have all the crew talking back in forth while I'm interviewing. Normally, I just hear people asking questions, I hope I don't get too distracted.

Oh well, at worst it should make for an interesting blog entry. I tell ya', I'm always so surprised at where life takes me.