Halloween Costumes for Birders - Revised

I started with the first photo, but found more!

I think I found my Halloween costume for this year...even if it is a tad inaccurate (this is obviously a male peacock's plumage).

But wait! I found more!

The penguin!

The Flamingo! NBB said that he "forbids" me to wear this, so I threatened to wear:

The Turkey!
Or the more classic Chicken!

Here's a new take on an old classic, Chicken With Its Head Cut Off!

The Mallard!

The American Black Duck (aka Daffy Duck)!

The Bald Eagle! This particular costume costs $895! (Must be those furries driving the price up). If you can't afford the $895 and still want to dress as the national symbol and endangered species, I found:

The Economical Bald Eagle at $450!

I think I'm still going to stick to my original choice of the sassy peacock.