Must Pack

Mental Note:

Careful eating an apple around Cinnamon. She's sneaky and will stop at nothing to get her fair share.

"Good grief, that rabbit is a pig!"

Last night Non Birding Bill mentioned that Mr. Neil was doing a reading and signing and asked if we should go. I gave my standard answer: "Is it bird related?" We both knew the answer, but I went anyway. He was reading from his new collection of short stories called Fragile Things, which has a cute little story about teen dating gone weird.

Boy, that man can put some asses in seats, can't he? After the reading and during the signing and we found Maddy and hung out with her. NBB asked us what our thoughts were on her dad's reading:

And here's our response. We then located Lorraine, our friend Jody the librarian (and I found one heck of a Halloween costume for her) and a few other friends and grabbed some hot chocolate, wine and dessert across the street.

Today is an action packed day. Banding, packing, getting to Duluth, book travel to Cape May, sign a couple of contracts and put them in the mail, do at least one more blog entry and at some point I need to try and squeeze in a weights workout--all of this before 5:30pm. Hmmm, I wonder which thing on that list is going to fall to the wayside?