Quick Morning Post

I've already had a chance to dash out before breakfast and experience the wonders of birding Cape May. I had received advice on where to go, there are a number of spots within easy distance of the hotel. I was driving past one when a merlin flew low over the road. I stopped the car, backed up and decided to bird there. Very well worth it. I saw things I have never seen before like a northern harrier flying over the ocean.


Butter butts (yellow-rumped warblers)are falling off the trees and almost running into you. This shot kind of sums up the walk this morning. A lone yellow-rump on a sandy path.


This might be hard to see but that blurry smoke in the distance is a flock of tree swallows going down to feed on some berry bushes--they flew just like a large flock of black birds! Not long after this photo, a sharp-shinned hawk did an incredible dive to get one of the birds. It missed, but still an incredible display!


There are quite a few mute swans. There wings are so loud, it sounds like some kind of engine pumping.


Here's the view outside the hotel, the Avondale By The Sea. The first bird I heard this morning? Fish crow! Sweet!


And now I must end this entry and I leave you with a beach butter butt. WildBird on the Fly is going to take me to someplace called Uncle Bill's Pancake House. Sounds yummy! Oh! Did find this sad little photo on the camera this morning. Poor Cinnamon. I don't thing she realizes how many raptors are here.


"I can't believe I helped you pack and you didn't take me to Cape May! Bunny Rights!"