Rant: Bringing Birding Back!

There's an opinion piece being ciruclated about by Pepper Trail on why he thinks birding is viewed as uncool as opposed to fly fishing which is viewed as very cool. The writer feels that there a lack of literary examples of making birding cool like there is with fly fishing.

Okay, first let's not kid ourselves about the coolness of fly fishing. Why is fly fishing so cool and so up front in the minds of Americans? Because of a little movie called a River Runs Through It. You have a hot, wet Brad Pitt swirling around in a river going for the perfect fly fishing experience--that's what made fly fishing so cool. Just typing that last sentence makes me want to go get completely outfitted for some fly fishing. If you have a hot, wet Brad Pitt traipsing around in the woods, pishing and sportin' some optics America would take interest.

The person who sent the email with the article was asking that editors and writers help the birding community "establish a higer opinion (read more cool) of the actvivity". The sender even wrote, "I know that some writers have attempted to make birding really cool too..."

Wait, attmepted?? Attempted! The sender of the email obviously doens't read this blog! There is no attempting--birding is cool and is well established as such here.

Birding is cool and it's not about how many books are written about it. Cool is a state of mind. It's time to take birding back. No more of this, "Yeah I'm nerdy 'cause I like to look at birds." It shoud be, "Of course, I look at birds, and why aren't you doing the same?"