Saturday with the Stitelers

Non Birding Bill: Hey, Sharon, there's a squirrel with a sandwich.

Birdchick: Yeah? So?

Non Birding Bill: It's in your box.


Sure enough there was a squirrel digging a hole for its sandwich just like he would any other nut. Normally, I'd be a tad irritated that this critter is trashing my box, but the cold snap this week killed everything but the mums and asters so it can dig away.


After the squirrel left, you really couldn't see much of the sandwich. Sure, you could tell that some digging had been happening, but no real sing of the sandwich. Makes me wonder what other goodies they may have put in the box in the past...


I dug it up and it was a very stale toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. NBB asked what I was going to do with it and I decided to put it back. Maybe the squirrel would come back?


After about four hours the squirrel did come back and dug up the sandwich and carried it to the nearest telephone pole and started snacking away. Speaking of squirrels, did you know that we are wrapping up National squirrel awareness week? We went to a party last night and Scott the official MN Fringe Festival Photographer was telling me about it--can't really find anything about it on the internet though. We were discussing the flying squirrels we could hear outside of the house and Scott told me he volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and has some fun photos of squirrels there and then just some fun wild squirrel photos.


A neighbor's house near the party had gone all out for Halloween...this is only half the yard, there are many more decorations that can't be seen in this shot. I loved the six foot pumpkin stack towards the back.


It was cute and clever stuff, I've never seen someone go all out yard ornament-wise for Halloween before.


I think this was my favorite tableau: vampire and witch plastic yard ornaments dunking a Holly Hobby-esque doll into a cauldron.


I was a tad unprepared for the sudden cold snap that we got this week. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cold weather, I just prefer to ease into it and not go from 80 degrees to 30 in less than four days. I need time to adjust. But, NBB headed to Whole Foods yesterday on a hunch and found that their truffles are in! They only carry these in cold weather because they melt so easily. I've had a box melt in one afternoon of 75 degree temps. I don't really care for chocolate--seriously I only am interested in certain times of the month and can easily avoid it most of the time. But these things are wonderful--best chocolate I've ever had.


Look at that confection--these things are so rich, yet so light and they melt in your mouth with such intense flavor. I can't eat more than two at a time, and usually just one will hold me because my mouth is coated with a chocolate after taste for the next hour. According to the box three truffles are 170 calories, so eating one a day is only 56.6 calories--not bad. NBB brought home the cappuccino flavored but they do come in just chocolate too. I love the first ingredient listed on the box: organic cocoa mass. Mmmm.

I have to keep an eye on Cinnamon today, the bunny butthead snuck in my purse and took off with a packet of Trident chewing gum. She ate half a stick. I have no idea what this will do but I didn't find anything in my house rabbit books or online that said gum is toxic. First she snuck and ate chicken out of the trash and now gum, what's next?