Would You Put This On Your Binos?


There's a big push for birders to purchase duck stamps since many of the birds we enjoy benefit from the habitat preservtion. I am 100% for it. There's a group trying to find creative ways to get birders to purchase duck stamps. One idea being a tag that you can attach to your binoculars that will hold the stamp and show everyone that you purchased a stamp.

I'm not opposed to a tag to show off a duck stamp, but would anyone really attach this to their binoculars? I could see putting in on a jacket or my rearview mirror, but to have a tag clanking around while I walk and dangle while I have my binos up to my eyes would drive me insane. I already can't take the attached covers on the objective lenses on binos--I generally take those off first thing when I get a new pair.

What do you guys think--would you attach this to your binoculars?




Who are these crazy people who don't use harnesses and still use neck straps on their binoculars? The birds never seemed more beautiful than when I learned to enjoy them without neck pain.