I Got Schooled!

Remember a few weeks back when I posed the question of whether or not you would attach a tag to your binoculars to show off your Duck Stamp?

While in Texas, I had the pleasure of hanging out with conservation mover and shaker Paul Baicich who is helping to spearhead the movement of birders purchasing a Duck Stamp. He's the one that sent the photos for that entry. We hung out, had a great time and talked about shade-grown coffee. I was surprised that he had not brought up the Duck Stamp holder or just people purchasing it in general. Three hours into trip he asked:

"Hey, Sharon, have you heard any noise?"

"What?" I asked.

"Have you heard any clicking?" he said as he flashed his Duck Stamp tag on his binoculars.

I had not heard any sound from the tag on the bins--I didn't even notice it was there, I didn't think to look! He then gave me my very own tag to attach to my binoculars:


I did not have my stamp with me but went ahead and attached the tag anyway to test it out. Well, tie me up and call me Gomer, but the tag doesn't make any noise when you are wearing it. I'm in the habit of using my bins one handed and did have to switch the stamp holder to the left instead of the right, but I can see myself actually wearing this on my bins (it's still there).

One other thing, Paul would also prefer us refer to the Duck Stamp as the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp because it doesn't just benefit ducks--but all birds that use the same habitat. If you are looking for a gift for friends that not only helps save habitat, I can't recommend this stamp enough. You can also throw in a holder. Here's some info from Paul for ordering your own stamp holder:

To a dozen selected Stamp-supporters:

I've already given out 160 of the nifty Stamp-holders for the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation [Duck] Stamp. Yes, I'll be ordering some more holders.

I wanted to let you know that they are on sale from QTL: three bags of holders (20 key-ring holders in each bag) for the price of two bags. Each bag normally costs $8.90.

Note the correct model number: #92033

So......... if you want some of your own, they are available at a fairly reasonable price!