Bunny Aftermath

Christmas Eve, Non Birding Bill and I headed out to Carlso Avery WMA to watch the short-eared owls. There were at least eight owls that we saw (and about a dozen birders--almost an informal Holiday party). The owls came very close to the car and two even flew right in front of us. I thought NBB had a great time, but I should have known better. I found this entry in his blog. We really did see the owls a lot better than that.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent notes and comments on the Disapproving Rabbits shirts and calendars. I'm so glad people enjoyed them as gifts. We have already had to do two new orders for the DR shirts since we started selling them and maybe a third. We're still on our first order of bird shirts. Note to self: rabbits outsell birds.

We survived posting a photo of Cinnamon in a Boingy Boingy Santa Hat, but it was not easy. She went on sort of a rampage after that: sneaking into the kitchen, chewing a hole in a pair of pants, ripping open presents, etc. It's a wonder she didn't get a lump of coal for Christmas.

She was a bit helpful before hand. Above I was wrapping a present for Non Birding Bill and she disapproved of my use of blue ribbon and didn't hesitate to let me know.

After all the gifts were wrapped, we left space open under the tree so Cinnamon could have a place to hang out. She seemed more interested in the packages though and a bunny fortress was made out off all the colorful boxes.

When the unwrapping of the gifts started on Christmas morning Cinnamon was right there to enjoy the party and the ripping of paper. I think she was a tad confused after having been told not to do it all week.

"Wait, if we rip open all the stuff under the tree, do I lose my fort? I don't approve, put them back!"

The gift the pets were excited about was a giant container of Nutri-berries loved by cockatiels and especially bunnies. Cinnamon was so excited, she never noticed the bow placed on her backside.

NBB also gave Cinnamon a carrot that was about as large as she is. It took her almost all day to eat the whole thing. When she finally had it whittled down into three chunks, she picked up each chunk, one at a time and placed them under the tree for safe keeping. Before the night was finished though, she had eaten her entire, carrot cache.

I did get some lovely bird books and NBB got me a plug in travel mug to keep my coffee warm when I'm on the road. He also got me a portable wet/dry vacuum for the car. Trying to tell me something, pet? Do I keep the trusty Saturn a little too unkempt?

Christmas night we were tired of having been in the house and a little sad being far from family so NBB took me for a drive. We went to Carver Park to look at the stars--yes, how romantic. We pulled over onto the darkest spot of a side road we could find and looked up. It was beautiful and we tried to remember which constellations were what. I suddenly began to hear faint, rhythmic booming noises. The were deep, heavy thuds--not unlike the T-Rex approaching sounds from Jurassic Park.

"Do you hear something?" I asked NBB.

"Um, kinda." he replied.

We turned around and in the distance down the road we could see bright red lights in an odd pattern. Was this the park police to nail us for being here after hours? What was that rhythmic thumping sound? An AT-AT Walker? We started to quickly hightail it back to the car. I turned around to see the status of the mysterious vehicle making its way towards us. The lights suddenly disappeared. Then reappeared. Then disappeared...

Wait a minute, this wasn't some dinosaur-esque creature coming to kill us, the sounds and lights were distant fireworks! We stopped and watched them, wondering who would have such a large firework display on Christmas night. These weren't the usual backyard fireworks, these were large mortars. So, there we stood with our arms around each other in the cold dark, numerous constellations overhead (we could even make out the Milky Way) and fireworks...Does it get any more romantic than that? Well, yes it does and that is where this blog entry ends.