Call Auntie Mame, I Need A Little Christmas!

Last year we didn't have a Christmas Tree because I was gone for two weeks right before Christmas (although Non Birding Bill did improvise with a cool home made paper tree). This year we decided against it because our library of bird/theatre/science fiction/rabbit books is taking over our apartment and we just don't have the space (we are so going to have to find a new place to live in the next year and a half).

However, the lack of snow combined with play rehearsals and deadlines has just left us without the Holiday Spirit. NBB attempted to give himself a booster shot by purchasing some light sabers and Nerf guns for Toys for Tots (he admitted they were violent toys, but argued they were the best toys). That helped.

Sunday as we were out and about doing errands and re-establishing our pair bond, we brought up the tree issue in that classic passive marital couple conversation style.

BC: I bet Cinnamon misses a tree to hide under.

NBB: We don't have room.

BC: Plus, we'd have to drag out all the decorations, unwrap them, put them up and then take down the tree. We don't have time.

NBB: Yeah, we probably shouldn't get a tree. Boy, Cinnamon's room is kind of stinky.

BC: I bet a tree would help cover that up. I love the smell of a good balsam tree.

NBB: I wonder if we could get a small one--Sharon-sized.

BC: Well, you know how much Cinnamon likes to loaf under a tree.

NBB: Might put us in the Christmas mood.

BC: And according to the Rolling Stones keyboard guy, it's good for the environment. He's a Christmas Tree Farmer

NBB: You're telling me a member of the Rolling Stones is a tree farmer?

BC: Seriously, he was on the radio the other day. I do go birding at a tree farm, that's where I see those clay-colored sparrows and dickcissels--I owe it to those birds.

NBB: We could just drive by and see if the Forestry Club is having their sale again...


We have a tree. Look at that, a forced disapproval as NBB holds Cinnamon up to the tree so she can share in the excitement. We turned on my iPod for my Christmas mixes--boy I have some weird stuff on there such as the Knight Rider Christmas song.

We also have a LOT of bird ornaments too. Some are kind of accurate, some aren't and some are just different. Above is an assortment, the bluebird is part of a series that NBB's mom has been giving me the last few years. This year's bird is a chickadee on mistletoe, which has been strategically placed to guarantee some kissing. The chickadee ornament in the middle in the above photo is part of a Hallmark series that I was given when I was a kid and just getting into birds. The cardinals co-nesting were something I picked up from the bird store. You can tell in the photo, but they are touched with lavender glitter.

Here's a bluebird sticking his head out of a roosting box.

I call this my Liberace cardinal--complete with bells on his toes.

Here's a snowy owl, heavy on the eyeliner.

Speaking of eyeliner, here's a personal favorite. Santa Claus riding on a bald eagle to deliver holiday gifts. What would Rudolph say? This ornament is a little too heavy for the tree so sits on the window ledge.

Here's a reminder of last Christmas. I don't know why, but the idea of an ivory-bill flying on a glittery globe similar to a disco ball just tickles me.

Here's a nuthatch creeping down the tree trunk.

Out of season, but here is a rose-breasted grosbeak searching for safflower in the tree.

Some relatives have even managed to find disapproving rabbits for our tree.

I like this, the rabbit is disapproving and there's even a European robin sitting on the ornament too. I think this is Cinnamon's favorite ornament.

Anyone else out there have some fun bird ornaments?