Gassy Bunny

Poor Cinnabunny is not feeling well tonight. Her stomach is growling very loudly. She has turned her nose up at baby carrots--that was a concern. But she did eat some parsley, broccoli, half a strawberry, a little hay and a nutriberry--that's a good sign. I remember long ago early in our marriage (when we just had a mattress on the floor, no bed frame--the bohemian days) and we used to let our pet rabbits roam around at night unsupervised. I woke up to a strange sound. I looked over and on the floor next to the mattress was Hazel--her stomach was growling. She was fine but I just remember how surprisingly loud it was.

I woke up another night to a strange noise and discovered Hazel eating my hair and that put an end to unsupervised bunny outings.

Though spending the night mostly loafing and urging me to pet her, she did find time to chew up my Northwoods Limited catalogue. I can't imagine why she doesn't like it.