More Birder Gifts

How in the heck did I miss this online store for birder gifts? Today at Carpenter, someone had received this bumper sticker as a gift:

Oh dear, some birders can't play nice. This is from a website called Servopuff which caters to birders, scuba divers and "more"! It has a whole birding section and appeals to all types of birders, why I even found something that I think would appeal to BirderBlog. If you are like me and are known for sending gifts late or if you get some money for Christmas, you could spend it here. My favorites include this raptor shirt, this iBird shirt, and the iLive tank.

Since Servopuff is using Cafe Press it links to other birding designs. I did some checking and there are over 29,000 "bird" related products. Some interesting designs include:

Great-gray owl design
Vulture design
Priceless Falconry design
Owl Porn design
Eat Like a Bird design
Self Esteem design
TVs Rock design
Real Men design