Talkin' Starlin'

Here's a crazy gift idea for you!

Believe it or not, there are people who keep starlings as pets in North America. Because they are non-native to the United States, it is totally legal. Goodness knows we've got enough of them. They are incredibly messy birds, but since they are related to mynah birds and are amazing mimics (think of all the times you thought you heard an unusual bird only to discover a starling on territory nearby) they can be trained to talk. Check this video of Weewoo the Starling. There are several videos of this talking starling on You Tube, I liked this one the best, it's the shortest at about a minute long. If you want to watch other Weewoo videos, keep in mind he asks for kisses A LOT. I think I dated Weewoo once.

I heard a rumor once that there was a pet shop in Roseville, Minnesota selling starlings for $75--seriously that's highway robbery!