Titmice Movin' On Up

I did A Balanced Breakfast this morning. I debated about talking titmice, but I went for it. Margery kept us from going too far.

Hey, Twin Cities people, keep your eyes open for tufted titmice (above). Those birds are pushing north this winter. That is the one bird that is missing from where I currently live. When we moved to Minneapolis and I learned I wouldn't be seeing these cute birds with a fairly dirty name on a regular basis I was tempted to move back home. Fortunately I know people nearby who do get them, so I just go hang at their home to get my titmouse fix.

I learned that Bill Schmoker has a blog up and running now--whoot. Check out his latest very cool raptor photos--another Bill in my life, I think I'll just start calling him Schmoker--it's fun to say and differentiates him from Bill Thompson (friend), Bill Stiteler Sr (father in-law) Bill Stiteler Jr (husband), etc. Oh dear, I just noticed that Schmoker is a fan of one of Non Birding Bill's favorite sites the Comics Curmudgeon. It's a site that gives commentary on the comics in the newspaper. Many mornings it has NBB paralyzed with laughter on the couch.