Working My Way To That Holiday Feeling

Oh dear. Our weather forecasters are desperate for any sign of snow. Apparently we are setting a record for the latest point in December with a general lack of snow cover. All week the weather forecasts have been saying, "Folks, we still have a week to go, maybe a flurry on Friday."

Yesterday a rumor started that we might get freezing rain on Friday and this morning the weather forecasters were clinging to that hope for some semblance of a white Christmas. Then the announcement came: freezing rain--it's icy, it's kinda white, we'll take it! Throughout the day they have been adding to the forecast, "First freezing rain and then some snow flurries."

That will make it seem like a white Christmas! Now, it appears that we have a full blown snow storm heading our way. I just read the forecast tonight and we have a 100% chance of snow in the Twin Cities with 3-6 inches predicted.

The birds were fairly calm at my feeders today, but when I went to Woodbury to meet with Mark Martell at Minnesota Audubon to go over the Minnesota River Bird Guide draft, his birds were at a feeding frenzy. Above is a chickadee lurking in a pile of sunflowers I set in front of the WingScapes Camera.

A pack of three male pheasants came out to the feeding station but didn't walk in front of the camera. Above are two of them who were eyeing each other just as fiercely as they were eyeing for predators. They kept wandering into the parking lot. We wondered if they were searching for grit? The birds were quite active at Mark's so I wonder if this means we will get a snow storm? I'm planning on staying in and making cookies tomorrow to take to banding on Friday. I'll be curious to see what happens.

Speaking of cookies, I got my annual gift package from my mother, chock full of home made cookies including chocolate chip, cut outs, and pecan butterballs. Above are cutouts she makes especially for us: a bald eagle (iced with chocolate icing--mmmm) and this year she made disapproving rabbits (also with chocolate icing--mmmm). Thanks, mom! I love the detail she goes for on the eagle--note the texturing to show primary wing weathers--mom knows her bird nut daughter.