Back in Minnesohta

Mental note: A batter fried lobster tail, bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich may not be the best idea on the planet.

Good Grief, I am soooo tired. I came home this afternoon to a fresh layer of snow, single digit temps, news that Norbert was out of the ICU, the hard drive transplant was a success and ready for pickup! Whoot! So happy. Non Birding Bill is reloading everything at the moment. The cold temps come just in time, we're going to a scotch tasting class tonight at Surdyk's--nothing goes better with scotch than cold temps.

Here is Jeff Bouton modeling a smiling lady bug pith helmet available soon at your wild bird specialty store!

Here's my bud, Amy Hooper holding up an advanced reader's copy of Good Birders Don't Wear White--50 Tips from North America's Top Birders. She has it open to her essay, Think Like A Migrating Bird. Note the cartoon that goes along with it. I believe that is the most inaccurate rendering of an Amy Hooper I have ever seen. As much as she loves rubber ducks, I've never seen them follow her. I can't wait to read the essays.

It's weird, she and I shared a room, but between my working the WingScapes booth and her hours at her WildBird Magazine booth, we barely saw each other.

I'm going to do some in depth descriptions of product in the next few days--including an iMainGo that I brought home to play with--initial tests with it--very cool. It appears to handle the transition from great gray owls hoot to black and white warbler call very well.

In the meantime I offer a contest:

Who is Bobby Harrison talking to in this photo? Bonus points if you can name the subject. The prize: An Advanced Birding Peterson Guide by Kenn Kaufman and two original plays on cassette by Mr. Neil: Snow Glass Apples starring Bebe Neuwirth and Murder Mysteries starring Brian Dennehy.

First correct answer with a name attached to it in the comments section wins.