I really don't know what Cinnamon's problem is. Tonight is her big first Disapproving Rabbits interview so we took extra steps of a total home grooming. I love getting my hair done, I just did that last week and had a fabulous time. Not Cinnamon. I had to wrap her in a towel to stifle some displaced aggression

"I'm too angry to even give you a disapproval."

Boy, you can just see the deep hate in those eyes. I think I'm going to pay for this later, perhaps even worse than the boingy boingy santa hat incident.

Here we have her on her back to trim those toe nails. She looks so pathetic, doesn't she know how great a pedicure is?

Hopefully she will get over this in time to make a splash on Just a Show. I'm not sure about when it will air on Twin Cities Cable Access, but as soon as it's up in iTunes, I will link to it for all you Cinnamon fans. We're also going to try and have it here on the site as well.

Currently, Cinnamon is under the bed. When I walk into the bedroom, I can only see her nose sticking out. If I try to get too close, she grunts and retreats out of view. Yeah, I'm totally going to pay for the brushing and nail trimming later.