Just A Show

Hey, if you're not doing anything this Sunday, come to The Raptor Center for an owl class I'm teaching. You'll get to see our ed birds up close--and (keep your fingers crossed) if all goes well with training you might get a glimpse of our new education boreal owl---oooooo, ahhhhhh. Seriously, please come, it will be fun and I can tell you where to see some owls. Afterwards, you could carpool to see the snowy owl hanging out on cargo road at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport (remember to stay six feet away from the fences).

So, I got Cinnamon to the TV Studio in Burnsville for her segment on Just A Show last night. Above she's sitting in my lap in the audience watching the host Keith King and Sidekick Shawn do their opening dialogue.

She seemed antsy so I set her on the floor--bad idea. She made a bee line for all the expensive camera chords--naughty butthead. We watched the segment about Keith's recent visit to the Virgin Islands and it was very chuckle-worthy. I asked Cinnamon what she thought:

She did not approve and almost looks as if she's saying, "What the heck did you bring me to anyway?" I thought she was fairly relaxed, she was happily nibbling parsley in my lap and under my chair, but during the actual interview, she got nervous. When rabbits get nervous they create a cloud of fur not unlike Pig Pen's cloud of dirt. This typically happens when Cinnamon is at the vet, but apparently tv appearances make her just as nervous. Every time either Keith or I would stroke her a puff of fur irrupted into the air. By the end of the interview we had it everywhere--it was even stuck to my lipstick. Pitooey!

Keith was really nice and I can't wait to see the final edited show on the Internet. We'll be sure and let everyone know when it is available. Keith is rather an attractive guy and it sounds like he's recently single. Any ladies in the Twin Cities looking for a well groomed, quick-witted guy might want to check into getting audience seats to his show.

Before the show I had to stop and try to photograph a bunny for the Disapproving Rabbits book. One of the downsides of taking book photos with the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society?

Resisting the urge to take home cuties like the guy above. This is Buster who is currently waiting for a home at the Richfield Petco. He's a neutered lion's head rabbit and has this crazy fur on his neck that looks like a lion's mane. I've forgotten what it's like to spend time with an energetic bunny who is under a year old--he is SO active and popcorned (or binkied) like crazy. Cinnamon will be seven this year and I guess her age is showing more than I realized. At three pounds Buster is so tiny compared to Cinnamon. Oh dear, did I just infer that my rabbit is old and fat? Good thing for me she can't read.

I had to laugh at this shot. I inadvertently got a photo of a disapproving manager of the Petco. Seriously, he really is a nice guy and runs a good pet store, don't let that stance fool you. He was very friendly and kind to me.