New Pet In The Building And Bunny Mind Games

Our apartment is all hardwood floors and tile. Cinnamon loves to run and just can't get the necessary speed without doing a Scooby Doo run. Our building's hallways are carpeted so in winter we have a habit of letting her run out in the hall for her laps. The lighting is poor so we don't get any great photos of it. It's fun to do and it's how we get to know our neighbors. Let's face it--we get to be the people with the cool pet. Yesterday, Cinnamon got some competition:

Our next door neighbors were outside exercising Andy and Sawyer. I'm sad to say that I remember the pet names but not the people names. But Andy and Sawyer were running laps in the hall. What is the new cool pet?

Ferrets! Our neighbors adopted them from the local humane society and they are so funny to watch run--boy can they gain speed, I think the owners of the ferrets were running just as much as the ferrets themselves. The best part is that the ferrets would suddenly stop running and then flop--practicaly deflate. The remind me of a cross between a wiener dog and raccoon. Very cute. We're going to give them some time to get used to the hallway and then one day have a leash date with the ferrets and bunny. Hey, Cinnamon, you want to meet some ferrets?

"I don't think I approve of that."

Cinnamon has met other animals and apart from dogs has gotten along fairly well. She doesn't get along with other rabbits at all--and believe you me we have tried every trick in the book. I'll be curious to see how does with these two.

Recently, she has started this nasty, eye-watering stinky habit of digging in her litter box. As I've been out taking bunny photos, I've been getting advice from rabbit people on what to do. One recommended that since Cinnamon is a single bunny, she might benefit from having a fake bunny friend. Her litter box digging may just be her acting out for even more attention. The key to the whole situation is to treat the fake bunny just like Cinnamon.


I already had one fake bunny courtesy of WildBird on the Fly and then I purchased another bunny that looks an awful lot like Cinnamon. And so began the mind games with my pet rabbit. I set both the bunnies on the floor while she was hiding under the bed, gave them each a carrot and started petting them and talking to them like I do to Cinnamon. "Aw, sweety bunny, aren't you a good bunny. Want some tasty carrot, Fake Bunny?"

Cinnamon poked her head from out of the bedroom. She heard the sound of treats, she heard me talking to other pets. What was I up to? She came out and sniffed one of the fake rabbits, then grunted and lunged back. Fake Bunny didn't take the bait and just sat there. I made the treat sound and offered Cinnamon her own carrot. She ate it, but eyed me warily. I could tell she was wondering wasn't sure of my motives.

After Cinnamon finished her carrot, she went over to one of the fake bunnies again and began sniffing it and then grooming one of the ears. I stepped into the kitchen to grab some parsley. Here's what I found when I came back:

"I didn't do it."

Apparently, Fake Bunny generously shared her carrot with Cinnamon. How sweet. I pet the Fake Bunnies on the nose just like I do on Cinnamon--her favorite spot and cooed to them. I pet Cinnamon too. I left the room to give her some alone time and when I returned she was sitting between the two fake bunnies. She laid there, stretched out her back paws but didn't have that relaxed look in her eyes, they were wide open as if she were thinking, "I know I should be relaxed right now, but something about this is not right."

I reached to get the camera but she hopped away--is she ashamed to be filmed with her fake friends? NBB and I have been taking the fake bunnies in and out of the bunny room just like real bunnies. The litter box digging has stopped for the time being, but when we come in to the bunny room in the morning, they are both tipped on their sides and covered with hay. Is she taking her aggression on them out at night?

We'll have to see where this litte psychological experiment goes...