Smart Downy

We have a ton of woodpecker action at our feeders right now. Even Non Birding Bill is impressed. The other day we had a pair of hairy woodpeckers and a pair of downy woodpeckers. They were so funny because each was on its own branch and were warily checking each other out as they creeped higher in the tree. One would inch up and swing its head from side to side checking out the other birds and then another would follow suit and so on and so forth.

As NBB and I were watching this a fifth woodpecker zoomed across the window. It was a male downy who then took advantage of the stand off (or would it be called a perch off?) and went straight for the suet log. I started smushing suet onto the brick wall on the other side of the window to accomodate more woodpeckers at one time and keep things civil. The downy woodpeckers took to the wall suet right away as I found with the Wingscapes camera yesterday.

I have a ton of errands today before I leave for Atlanta tomorrow. It's going to be so much fun and work seeing friends, former bosses, new birding toys and balmy weather.