Adopt A Disapproving Rabbit Month

Ever wanted a Disapproving Rabbit of your very own? Here are some candidates looking for homes.

"I don't approve of you not scratching my nose. It's gray and wiggly for cryin' out loud, get to work loving my nose!"

According to the House Rabbit Society February is Adopt A Rabbit Month. Yesterday the Golden Valley Humane Society and the Minnesota House Rabbit Society were holding an adoption event and a bunny agility demonstration. I would have blogged it sooner but didn't find out about it until last minute. I did take advantage of a free afternoon to get some more photos for the Disapproving Rabbits book.

The rabbit at the top of the entry is Truffle and is the current "star" of the GVHS. She was hands down my favorite rabbit and if Cinnamon weren't such a butthead about other rabbits I would have adopted her.

When I stepped inside her play area to take her photo, she was in full loaf mode, completely relaxed. I sat down, aimed the camera at her at which point she got up, nudged the camera out of the way and forcibly shoved her head beneath my hand--she wanted me to stroke her head. The photo above is Truffle in mid-nudge of the camera. I stroked her face and ears for quite some time. This is such a well mannered bunny, it is a matter of time before she will get a home. You don't often find cuddly bunnies like this.

Distrusting bunnies. This was a bonded pair of angora rabbits. I can't find their profiles on either the GVHS or the MCRS pages, I wonder if they are new? The little gray guy was recently shaved and is very curious and gregarious, the white puffball was more shy but did welcome some head scratching. The suspicious look these two gave me reminded me of introducing myself to the person running the adoption event. I had on a Disapproving Rabbit shirt but if you haven't seen the site, it's really hard to explain. I asked if I could take photos for the website and she looked cautious and asked, "And what do you do with the photos?"

"I take photos and then put up captions on what the rabbits don't approve of you doing, like I don't approve of what you do outside." I answered.

The woman still looked unsure but luckily for me many of the volunteers at the event have seen the site and stood up for me. One guy even said the website was tasteful, so I was free to take photos at that point.

Here we have two dwarf rabbits named Lucy and Ricky who are naturals when it comes to disapproval. Dwarf rabbits are great--permanently tiny and cute bunnies. But don't let the tiny size fool you, Lucy lifted the corner of the litter box more than once.

This willful little thing is named Oreo--very playful and full of energy. Oreo is bonded with Carmel and I tried to get some tag team disapproval but they seemed more interested in mischief. I finally decided to take a photo of them individually. As I would be concentrating on Carmel, Oreo would sneak behind me and yank one of the belt loops on my pants. Very much like Cinnamon buttheadery.

Here is a very young male named Alfred. He's only eleven weeks old but already he can disapprove of what I'm doing while simultaneously cleaning his toes. Can't you just hear him say in a French accent, "I don't approve of how you smell. My toes smell better than you, you peasant."

Interesting to note that the bunnies I photographed earlier this month, Serena and Buster have already found permanent homes. Whoot! Hope these other bunnies find the same soon too. The MCRS did a great job of running the event. The bunnies were getting lots of attention and lots of exercise. One dedicated volunteer was taking the time to keep all the angoras in good coat condition, and all the socializing they do really shows with these rabbits.