Curiouser and Curiouser...

BirderBlog reports that the comments for the Walda Cameron essay on why she illegally shot a cardinal have disappeared. Is this because there were so many it over loaded the comments page? If you look at the other My Turn essays the comments are very low from 2 comments to 5 comments to 15 to one particular essay that was up several days earlier and had worked its way up to 70 comments. Last I checked the cardinal killing essay was well past 120 comments in only two days.

Maybe it was because there were so many comments taking Newsweek to task for printing the essay? Could it have been all the comments proclaiming subscription cancellations? Maybe there is actually an investigation going on by US Fish and Wildlife? Maybe some of the fighting has gotten dirty and personal? Goodness knows I've had to delete a few comments in the last two days.