Disapproving Bird

Well, leave it to my good friend Carrol Henderson to find a disapproving bird! He went on his 22nd birding trip to Costa Rica and got this photo:

I can't decide between doing a caption contest or an id contest so I will do both! Here are the rules:

There will be two separate prizes, one for correct id of this bird and one for the caption that makes me laugh out loud. It is possible for one person to win both prizes.

Captions can be submitted in the comments section and ONLY comments with a name attached will win. You don't have to create an identity in blogger, but I need a first and last name for a winner.

You can submit as many captions or guesses as you wish.

Keep captions PG-13.

Prizes for correct id are a bag of veggie suet and a Vortex binocular harness.

Prizes for funniest caption are a bag of veggie suet and audio cassettes of 2 Plays for Voices by Mr. Neil.