More Snow?? Aaaaargh!!

Blog updates are slow at the moment.

Just when we've dug out from last weekend's snow, we're getting more snow starting at noon today. I have to run some errands before it hits.

I've had two big deadlines this week--Disapproving Rabbits is one. We discovered last night that some of the best photos submitted by readers are way too small for print quality. If you or someone you know have submitted a Disapproving Rabbit photo even one that is already on the website and it was low resolution, you might want to resend it at a much larger version (the original version that comes straight from your camera). We have to send the book in by next week or it won't be printed.

In bird cam news, the National Geographic Crane Cam at Rowe Sanctuary is supposed to start up today. Whoot. I love having that on in the background in the morning and evening.