Why Can't The Chickies Get Along?

Holy Mackerel, the post about the Colbert Report filming at the Connecticut Bald Eagle Festival has been getting lots of traffic. On Sunday when people found out that the crew had been there the day before, they were very disappointed that they missed it.

I got an email from Caitlin who confirmed that the man in the photos is Paul Dinello and she runs a fan site about him. I gave her all of my photos from the day and she has posted them here. Thanks for the link, Caitlin!

So, I'm a digimiscopin' fool! I was practicing on a hen mallard in Connecticut.

Here she is just kind of chillin' out on a dock post. There were about fifty other mallards and ruddy ducks sitting on the ice and floating on the water (there was even a male and female engaging in "some tenderness" if you know what I mean--mating in ice water out of season--not THAT is kinky).

The hen I was photographing then assumed the bird sleeping position. Even though her head it tucked, I could still see that her eye was open. Good thing too--

Another hen flew in and pushed her off--I can't believe I got this shot digiscoping. I love this new set up!

There stood the new hen, bowing victorious for claiming this valued roosting spot (or just trying to get a closer look at an odd colored spot, wondering if she can eat it).