Apiary vs Aviary

"Hmm, I don't think I should approve of this."

A play taking place in an office in an old farm house starring me, Non Birding Bill, Mr. Neil, and Mr. Neil's personal assistant Fabulous Lorraine:

Birdchick: Bees are just fascinating! I love reading about hive management.

Mr. Neil: I've always thought that my plum trees would actually have fruit if I had some bees to pollinate them.

Non Birding Bill: Hey, what bird is that outside?

Fab Lorraine: Neil, don't forget about that deadline, maybe you should go out to the gazebo and work.

Birdchick: That's a nuthatch, dear. You know, I've always wanted to try bee keeping when we move out of our apartment.

Non Birding Bill: No, hey, look out here at this really weird bird. Over here, honey.

Mr. Neil: Me too! I've always wanted to have a bee hive here.

Fab Lorraine & Non Birding Bill: You're both too busy!

Mr. Neil: What if we kept bees here and you came and took care of them, and I could help when I'm in town.

Fab Lorraine & Non Birding Bill: (imagine moving in slow motion) Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Birdchick: I bet between both our travel schedules we could do this.

Non Birding Bill: No! What will happen is you both will be out of town at the same time and there will be some kind of bee emergency and I'll have to take care of it, no. No no no no no no no!

Mr. Neil: I know the perfect spot to keep the hive over where we went owling a few winters ago.

Birdchick: That is a perfect spot!

Fab Lorraine: I am NOT helping with this at all!

Birdchick: There is a great weekend class we can take in March at the University of Minnesota that tells us how to keep bees!

Mr. Neil: Let me show you some useful websites.

End Scene

And so this summer I get to realize my dream of keeping an apiary! I'm taking a weekend course in bee keeping this weekend, whoot! We've got our bees ordered, they will arrive in mid-April which means no ABA Convention for me this year (which is okay I wasn't that excited about going to Louisiana).

I promise that this won't be the bee chick blog but there probably will be one or two posts relating to our bee hive enterprises. I think we'll survive this, I've blogged about Monarch Ranching before.