Around the Apartment

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"Someone is advertising to me??"

As I'm typing this, I am hearing a full thirty second commercial for wild bird food on the radio. That is a first in the Twin Cities. I've heard local garden companies and bird stores advertise their seed but never a wild bird seed company advertising their product. And the bird calls in the background were somewhat accurate. It's for Scotts Wild Bird Food--available at Walmart. This adds an interesting dynamic to wild bird specialty stores, this company is doing its best to give the appearance that they know what they are talking about, something that wild bird stores have to this point cornered the market on.


Well, I found the swallowtail chrysalis! It was on the side of the shriveled parsley. Right under my nose the whole time. From now on I will watch parsley plants more closely in the apartment...I wonder how many swallowtail eggs and caterpillars Cinnamon has unknowingly eaten?

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My flying squirrels are wearing out their welcome. Up until last night I have always loved that they fly right to our bedroom window and purchase seed just for them. I've mentioned before that they have this high pitched bark that I can hear and Non Birding Bill cannot. I always felt a tad superior about this--I'm more in tune to the natural world. Last night, that ability completely bit me on the butt. At about two in the morning the squirrels started barking at each other. I went to the bedroom window and opened it, hoping that would scare them off--no! They just chirped more! ARGH--more irritating than a leaky faucet and snoring husband combined. Curse my ability to hear high pitched noises!! Perhaps we will be cutting back on the night time treats...