Disapproval Update

From my buddy Carrol Henderson...a disapproving viscacha.

Sharon-1, Easter <span class=
"I don't approve of foreigner, not the band."

Now that is one dedicated friend, he went all the way to Peru to get me a special disapproval. Love you, Carrol! I'm not sure this is an official lagomorph, but it looks close enough to a rabbit to be considered for the blog.

In honor of the campaign to prevent people giving baby rabbits as Easter gifts (Cinnamon was an unwanted Easter gift that ended up at a Humane Society) I present My House Rabbit.com, a blog dedicated to educating and providing great info to current and potential rabbit owners. This is a site that I think Cinnamon would approve of and I tried to get a photo of her approval:


She didn't seem to hip to that idea. We tried bribing her with some bunny loving:


And this is as close to an approval as we're going to get. Look, she's kind of smiling...

Speaking of disapproval, Non Birding Bill just informed me that he has uploaded a new page of bunny disapproval! We're pretty jazzed at the moment, we saw some of the early pages of the Disapproving Rabbits book today--it's really going to be out this fall! Whoot!