Help A Teen Advance In Birding

Here's another bright spot the future of birding from Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs:

Local Teen Going To Compete In National Bird Watching Competition:

Under the road and between the trees, away from the hustle and bustle of city streets nature lives and breathes, waiting to entertain those with a keen eye.

"It is kind of relaxing and entertaining to watch birds and it is interesting," Saraiya Ruano said.

Ruano has a passion for bird watching. Last year she was named the "Young Birder of the Year" by the American Birding Association. Now she is headed to Texas to compete in a national competition.

"It is a 24 hour birdathon, it is also called a 'big day' and you are competing against other national organizations to see the most species," Ruano said.

Ruano and her three teammates will begin at midnight and end 24 hours later. Every bird she hears or sees will be documented in her field notebook.

"All team members have to hear or see the bird for them to count," Ruano said.

Ruano encourages more students to get involved with bird watching. She says birds can teach people more about nature.

"Birds are environmental indicators so they tell you a lot about the environment," Ruano said.

With spring and summer right around the corner Ruano says the birds will begin to appear in greater numbers, something she is looking forward to.

Ruano is helping raise money and awareness for the American Birding Association. The money will go towards public outreach and education for young birder's conferences. If you would like to pledge log onto their website.

All pledges made in Ruano's name will help her win a free trip to the next birding conference.

Hey, gang, if any of you have a spare dollar or two, why don't you drop it to the ABA in her name?