Peregrines and Red-shouldered Hawks

A guy named Craig is starting a blog dedicated to his nesting red-shouldered hawks. A different take on a nest cam.

Peregrine battles are popping up all over. We had the one at the Riverside Cam and word at The Raptor Center today is that one heck of a battle happened yesterday in downtown Minneapolis. The females were going at it and were found fighting in the nest box at the Multifoods Tower. One female is banded and the other is unbanded. The banded female is Mendota who has a notorious history. In 1999 she ended up killing the resident female at the Colonnade in Minneapolis. The battle last over two and a half hours but she was the one who ended up taking over the nest. At this point it's not known who won the battle and we may not know right away. During the 1999 battle, the older female won the initial fight and chased Mendota off. She flew to the nest bloody and missing and eye. The next day she was found dead and Mendota took back control of the nest. Peregrine expert and ornithologist Bud Tordoff always said that Mendota may have lost that particular battle, but she won the war.

Mark Alt posted to the Minnesota listservs this link to another peregrine battle caught on camera in Pittsburgh. I think we'll be seeing more of these as space for nests runs out on buildings.