Peregrines Setting Up Shop

I was running some errands yesterday and I drove by the Colonnade on 394 & 100 to see if the peregrines were setting up shop and yes they were. Do you see them in the above photo? There are two.

One of the birds was perched on the ledge where the actually nest box is. This was a tired bird who kept dozing as I was taking photo.

This bird was on the ledge on the other side of the corner. I like how you can see its reflection in the office windows. That means it's time to start watching all the falcon cams out there. I tend to watch the Xcel Falcon cams since those are birds in my area, but you can check Beak Speak for a list of all the cams in your area.

Yo, mom, here is the link for the Indianapolis Star peregrine cams.