Unexpected House Guest

This morning as I was making breakfast, a blob crawling slowly on the floor of the kitchen startled me. It was misshapen and moving slowly. After a minute, I finally realized that is was some sort of butterfly dragging its wings. I picked it up and put it on a hyacinth I purchased two days ago.

The bottom half of the right wing is severely shriveled, it looks like something went wrong in the chrysalis. It looks to me like a black swallowtail (but I am happy to defer to a butterfly expert) and it's a tad early for these guys to be out and about in Minnesota. I wonder if this guy came in as a caterpillar on one of the many parsley plants or carrot tops we bring home for Cinnamon and made a chrysalis under our table or on our curtains? I'll have to do some investigating in the kitchen to see if I can find the chrysalis.

In the meantime I made up some butterfly nectar and left it on a Q-Tip in the flowers and left out a few pieces of banana for it to nectar on.

I swear this blog isn't going to the insects--more bird stuff soon.