Urban Eagle Nest Near My Home

Yesterday I was driving home and I was on Hwy 77 heading onto Hwy 62 going west. As I rounded the exit, I noticed a very large stick nest in a residential area. I made a note to myself to check it out this weekend. A pair of red-tailed hawks have been hanging out in this area.

Today, Bruce Fall posted to the Minnesota bird listservs that he found an eagle nest at Hwy 77 and 62. An eagle nest? Well, last week I did see an eagle thermalizing above where I saw the nest yesterday. Since it's only five minutes from where I live, I decided to go check it out today.


I know some people get all upset when you post exact raptor nest locations on the Internet because the nests can be disturbed, but this pair of bald eagles are obviously not too worried about humans disturbing them. It's right on a street in a residential neighborhood and you can't see it, but to the right in the photo is a VERY busy highway. These birds made an informed decision to nest in a busy little neighborhood. Did I mention that this is adjacent to the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport? This is a busy and NOISY neighborhood.


With all the leaves off of the trees, the nest sticks out like a sore thumb, but once the buds leaf out, it will be well hidden. The nest is easily visible from the 5-8 Club (Home of the Juicy Lucy Burger) and from a church parking lot just across the street from the club. I digiscoped the above photo from the church parking lot, if you look close you can make out her yellow bill.


While I was there, the male flew in for a quick copulation (is there any other kind for eagles) and then perched for some preening. When I took this shot, a plane came in for a landing. Whoot.

Yeah, I think it's time to take the bald eagle off of the endangered species list.