Cleansing Robin Post

Okay, we need a little bird action after the cannibalism.

It's still quite cold in Minnesota but the sun was out today and the temporary truce with the male robins on my corner of the 'hood are back to fighting each other. This male spent most of the day on patrol in the trees.

He did pause for a moment to get a drink from the saggy roof of the apartment building across the way. I love his pose in this shot--he looks rather cocky and as if he is saying, "Look at that vent? Is that not a perfect vent or what? Yeah, I'm a stud."

Looks like it'll be cold all through the weekend. I'm hoping for some warmer weather next week. I just scored some cheap train tickets to Indiana. Non Birding Bill is rehearsing all week for Othello so I won't see him much and now that my mom has Internet access, I can work just as easily from her condo, although I'll be minus my bird library. Looks like the same cold front nailing us up in Minnesota is nailing Indiana. Hopefully it will be out of its system by next Monday.

I'm so excited about the train--it's my preferred method of travel. NBB doesn't care for it as much, but I love the roominess, the lounge car, the colorful people you meet--and you see some great birds next to the tracks.