Fox Sparrows and Juncos

I kind of kept my nose to the grindstone this weekend--working on deadlines, catching up on home stuff from being away for a week, and meeting up with our wonderful-always-saves-our-butts accountant, Dan Freeman to sign tax forms and write checks. Of course, spring has finally decided to come back and it was hard not to go out digiscoping--especially since the weather had been kind of blah in Indianapolis.

I finished part of my project last night and went out for a desperate taste of spring at Wood Lake this morning.

Since I was away in Indianapolis, I missed banding at Carpenter last Friday. I got a report that they were VERY busy they banded 60 slate-colored juncos, and that didn’t count the retraps--60 new banded birds--oy! The only other species were 2 Fox Sparrows, and 1 Song Sparrow. Sorry I missed that. I'm probably going to miss it again this week, my Showcase Minnesota segment was switched to this Friday. On the upside, word is that Sandra Bernhard is appearing live in-studio that day...that sounds like a party. Anyone have an suggestions for a segment topic? Let me know.

Wood Lake was full of fox sparrows this morning and there were some juncos, not nearly as many as there have been in the previous weeks.

I have to get back to work, but I'll be posting more photos from this morning soon. I got some cool photos of grackles. I know what you're thinking, but really they are kind of pretty...and about the most colorful thing on the landscape at the moment.