Good Birders Don't Wear White

Then why does the American Birding Association sell white shirts with their logo on it?

Lisa White from Houghton Mifflin has brought together many of our favorite bird writers and compiled their essays in Good Birders Don't Wear White, a book on the subject of what makes a good birder. There's some fun with some practical and good advice mixed in for good measure. I as I was going through and checking off how many friends have essays in the book, it got me inspired to try and find a link for everyone in the book. Here is a list of all the birders who have essays. Starred names are bloggers:

John Acorn
Peter Alden
Paul J. Baicich
Jessie H. Barry
David M. Bird
Jeffery Bouton*
Robert A. Braunfield
Kevin J. Cook
Alicia Craig
Julie Craves
Richard Crossley
Jon L. Dunn
Pete Dunne
Lang Elliot
Victor Emanuel
Laura Erickson*
Ted Floyd
Tim Gallagher
Jeffery A. Gordon*
Chuck Hagner*
Amy K. Hooper*
Steve Howell
Dave Jasper
Kevin Karlson
Kenn Kaufman
Paul Kerlinger
John Kricher
Donald Kroodsma
Paul LehmanArthur Morris
Mike O'Connor
Wayne R. Peterson
Bill Schmoker*
Scott Shalaway
Stephen Shunk
David Sibley
John Sill
Peter Stangel
Don and Lillian Stokes*
Noah Stryker
Clay Sutton
Bill Thompson III*
Connie Toops
Judith A. Toups
Richard K. Walton
Scott Weidensaul
Mel White
Sheri Williamson*
Louise Zemaitis
Julie Zickefoose*

Well, I found all but four. If anyone can let me know of a link for those four please pass it along. Again, a great collection of birders and writers.