Quick Bee Update

The Fabulous Lorraine has been keeping an eye on the hives while I was out of town and I am so grateful. We're supposed to leave them alone to do their own thing for the first 7 - 10 days after installing them, but I was worried since we were having problems with the Olga hive. So, Lorraine just checked the food and sure enough, the Olga bees quit eating the nectar again and hadn't touched the pollen patty. Lorraine and Mr. Neil made up some new food and today they appear to be eating normally.

Today, Lorraine sent over this photo of one of the bees right outside the house foraging on some dandelions. She's also seen some of the honey bees on the flowering plum tree and soon they should find the flowering cherry tree. I'll check the hives on Wednesday to see if they have drawn out comb and if I can find any eggs. Go, girls, go!